Zoning Board of Appeals 9/6/23


Call to Order, Meeting Procedures and Swearing-In of Participants 00:00:01

2023-Z-43 601 Green Bay Road 00:04:43

A request by Joseph LeJeune for a 4.13’ air conditioning condenser setback to permit the installation of a new air conditioning condenser and retention of two existing air conditioning condensers.

2023-Z-14 1100 Laramie Avenue 00:09:04

A request by Loyola Academy for an expansion of an existing special use (educational facility, secondary), a special use for outdoor recreational facility lighting, a 62.0’ light pole height variation, a variation to permit luminaries that are not fully shielded, a 5.0’ side yard adjoining a street light pole setback variation, a 5.5 foot-candle illumination variation, and a 49 decibel variation to permit the installation and operation of permanent stadium lighting to permit the night-time use of the existing stadium.

2023-Z-14 1100 Laramie Avenue - Loyola Academy's Presentation 00:11:45

2023-Z-14 1100 Laramie Avenue - Public Comment 03:04:41

2023-Z-14 1100 Laramie Avenue - Case Continued to Date to be Determined 04:00:48

Approval of the August 2, 2023 Meeting Minutes 04:02:09

Adjournment 04:02:26

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