Village Board Meeting 12/13/22

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Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance and Meeting Procedures 00:00:00

Public Comment 00:02:43

Approval of the Consent Agenda 00:04:38

Approval of all items listed on the consent agenda which is includes approval of minutes from the Regular Board meeting held on November 21, 2022.

Report of Officers - Recognize Sesquicentennial Committee 00:06:26

Proclamation recognizing the Sesquicentennial Planning Committee and Volunteers.

Report of Officers - Police Recognition 00:24:28

Recognition of Detective Claudia Olivo and Commander Michael Robinson.

Report of Officers - Police Recognition 00:32:45

Recognition of Officer Michael Demos, Officer Russell Monk and Telecommunicator Jesse McPhail.

Report of Officers - Meeting Cancellation 00:42:35

Announcement of the cancellation of the December 27, 2022 Regular Village Board meeting.

Standing Committee - Land Use 00:42:59

No Report

Standing Committee - Finance 00:43:11

Public hearing on Village of Wilmette’s 2022 Tax Levy. Adoption of Ordinance #2022-O-83 regarding the 2022 Tax Levy.

Standing Committees - Remaining Committees 00:45:08

All items on Consent.

Adjourn to Executive Session 00:45:28

Request for Executive Session pursuant to Section 2 (c)(6) of the Open Meetings Act for the setting of price for sale or lease of public property. Request for Executive Session pursuant to Section 2 (c)(1) to discuss employee hiring, firing, compensation, discipline and performance.

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