Zoning Board of Appeals 12/07/22


Call to Order/Meeting Procedures and Swearing-In 00:00:00

2021-Z-28 718 Forest Avenue 00:03:07

Revised request by Justin Ziemba for a 13.61 square foot (0.1%) lot coverage variation and 3.83 square foot (0.32%) total floor area variation to permit the retention of a shed addition to a detached garage.

2022-Z-74 3207 Lake Avenue Suite 6A 00:17:10

Request by Theodore Wyder, Chicago FP1 LLC, for a special use to operate a carryout/delivery restaurant (Fajita Pete’s).

Approval of the November 2, 2022 Meeting Minutes 00:34:54

Public Comment/Adjournment 00:35:54

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