Zoning Board of Appeals 10/12/22


Call to Order, Meeting Rules and Swearing-In of all Participants. 00:00:01

2022-Z-58 10 Canterbury Court 00:04:36

Request by Ashlee McQuarters, Scott Byron & Co. for a 428.4 square foot (18.45%) front yard impervious surface coverage variation, a variation to permit parking spaces within a required front yard, and a variation from the requirement that parking surfaces be improved with a hard-surfaced, all-weather, dustless material

2022-Z-63 1216 Middlebury Lane 00:32:51

Request by George and Laurel Nelson for a 0.39’ front yard porch setback variation and a 107.13 square foot (27.4%) required front yard impervious surface coverage variation to permit the construction of a front porch on the legal nonconforming structure.

2022-Z-62 2345 Thornwood Avenue 00:51:55

Request by Healy Rice for a 3.0’ height variation to permit the construction of an attic addition.

2022-Z-61 1100 Central Avenue Suite G 01:00:24

Request by Robert Kellman for a special use to allow an office use (co-working space) on the ground floor.

Approval of Minutes 01:25:11

Approval of the September 7, 2022 Meeting Minutes & Approval of the September 21, 2022 Meeting Minutes.

Adjournment 01:25:44

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