Zoning Board of Appeals 8/17/22


Call to Order and Meeting Format and Swearing-In 00:00:05

Case 2022-Z-35 301 Sheridan Road 00:04:54

Request by Dan Neely for a special use for unusual recreation equipment to permit the retention of a sport court.

Case 2022-Z-48 924 Forest Avenue 00:13:15

Request by Jeremy Hollis for a special use to permit an accessory structure in excess of 200 square feet, a variation to allow the installation of an accessory structure on a lot without a principal structure, a 2.42’ accessory structure height variation (roof), and a 4.42’ accessory structure height variation (chimney) to permit the construction of an accessory structure without a principal structure.

Case 2022-Z-47 20 Frontage Road 01:15:52

Request by Crown Castle USA, Inc for an expansion of a special use (wireless telecommunications equipment), a variation to permit the alteration of a legal nonconforming structure, a 7.75’ side yard setback variation (array), a 5.25’ side yard setback variation (equipment), and a 7.0’ height variation to permit the installation of new wireless telecommunication equipment including a new antenna array on the existing monopole and associated ground equipment.

Minutes Approval 01:32:59

Approval of the July 6, 2022 Meeting Minutes Approval of the July 20, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Adjournment 01:34:44

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