Zoning Board of Appeals 7/6/22


Call to Order, Rules and Swearing-In 00:00:01

2022-Z-36 2145 Old Glenview Road 00:04:21

Request by Alan Rosenfeld for a 2.0’ fence height variation and fence openness variation to permit the installation of a 6.0’ tall solid fence in the rear yard of a double-frontage lot.

2022-Z-41 1301 Elmwood Avenue 00:23:14

Request by Elizabeth Sheedy for a variation to allow the installation of fencing on a lot without a principal structure.

2022-Z-38 816 4th Street 00:28:28

Request by Jeff and Lisa Genyk for a 1.5’ side yard deck setback variation and a 1.5’ rear yard deck setback variation to permit the construction of a new deck.

2022-Z-34 619 Lake Avenue 00:44:53

Request by Mike and Shelly Schildkraut for a 140 square foot (10%) front yard impervious surface coverage variation and a variation to permit a parking space within a required front yard.

2022-Z-20 3434 Illinois Road 01:01:34

Request by Loyola Academy for a special use for an educational facility, secondary and a special use to permit an accessory structure in excess of 200 square feet to permit the installation and use of an educational garden.

Approval of Minutes/Adjournment 01:30:30

Approval of the May 18, 2022 Meeting Minutes and Approval of the June 1, 2022 Meeting Minutes.

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