Zoning Board of Appeals 5/4/22


Call to Order and Explanation of Procedures 00:00:00

2022-Z-26 630 Linden Avenue 00:03:14

Request by Brian and Diane Wilson for a 5.58’ side yard adjoining a street air conditioner condenser setback variation.

2022-Z-28 413 Park Avenue 00:25:13

Request by Richard Wrigley for a 161.16 square foot (17.54%) rear yard total impervious surface coverage variation and a 118.41 square feet (12.89%) rear yard structure impervious surface coverage variation to permit the construction of a detached two-car garage.

2022-Z-25 1100 Ridge Road 00:51:56

Request by Jose Rodriguez for a 360.8 square foot lot area variation and a 1.63’ side yard setback for Lot 1 and 979.2 square foot lot area variation and a 2.0’ lot width variation for Lot 2 to permit a two-lot subdivision.

Approval of minutes 01:20:59

Approval of the March 16, 2022 Meeting Minutes. Approval of the April 6, 2022 Meeting Minutes.

Adjournment 01:22:02

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