Zoning Board of Appeals 2/2/22


Call to Order/Explanation of Procedures 00:00:00

2022-Z-12 - 2500 Kenilworth Avenue 00:04:27

Request by John Relias for a 2.0’ fence height variation and fence openness variation to permit the replacement of a 6.0’ tall solid fence in a side yard adjoining a street.

2022-Z-10 515 - Greenleaf Avenue 00:17:54

Request by Steve and Charmain Later for a 9.75’ side yard generator setback variation and a 9.83 decibel sound variation to permit the installation of an emergency standby generator.

2022-Z-11 1519 - Washington Avenue 00:52:23

Request by Andrew Venamore, Mach 1, for a 934.94 square foot (11.69%) total floor area variation to permit the construction of detached two-car garage.

2022-Z-13 3232 Lake Avenue 01:20:08

Request by Edens Plaza SC Owner LLC and Edens Plaza BB Owner LLC for a 7,423.72 square foot floor area variation and a 3.5’ height variation to permit the installation of new building overhangs, building cladding, and a clerestory to facilitate a new retail occupant (Wayfair).

Approval of the January 5, 2022 Meeting Minutes/Adjournment 01:47:10

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