Zoning Board of Appeals 12/1/21


Call to Order/Introduction 00:00:00

2021-Z-60 515 Central Avenue 00:03:15

Request by Garry Shumaker, Shumaker Design and Build Associates, for a 3.71’ front yard setback variation, a 3.72’ side yard setback variation, a 7.36’ combined side yard setback variation to permit exterior modifications to the attached garage as part of a conversion to living space and a 3.05’ combined side yard setback variation to permit the construction of a second-story addition on the legal non-conforming structure.

2021-Z-56 1165 Wilmette Avenue 00:26:01

Request by Keith and Molly Veneziano for a special use for a carry-out restaurant within Al’s Meat Market.

2021-Z-59 2608 Old Glenview Road 00:40:10

Request by David and Lissa Roberts for a 5.0’ lot width variation on east “Lot B” and a 5.0’ lot width variation on west “Lot C” to permit the subdivision of the property.

2021-Z-58 1001 Oakwood Avenue 01:13:58

Request by Paul Turnbull and Megan Leahy for a 15.0’ side yard adjoining a street parking setback variation and a 5.0’ rear yard parking setback variation to permit the retention of a parking pad.

2021-Z-57 2047 Wilmette Avenue 01:44:57

Request by Amanda Halawi for a variation from the requirement that a single-family home maintain two enclosed parking spaces to permit the conversion of the existing two-car detached garage.

2021-Z-28 718 Forest Avenue 02:06:58

Request by Justin Ziemba for a 51.58 square foot (0.37%) lot coverage variation, an 81.8 square foot (0.59%) total floor area variation and a 2.52’ side yard garage setback variation to permit the retention of a shed addition to a detached garage.

Approval of the November 3, 2021 Meeting Minutes 02:49:20

Adjournment 02:49:32

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