Zoning Board of Appeals 11/3/21


Call to Order and Introduction to Proceedings 00:00:00

Case 2021-Z-28 718 Forest Avenue – Request to table to December 1, 2021 00:05:22

Request by Justin Ziemba for a Request for a 51.58 square foot (0.37%) lot coverage variation, an 81.8 square foot (0.59%) total floor area variation, and a 2.52’ side yard garage setback variation to permit the retention of a shed addition to a detached garage.

Case 2021-Z-51 228 Maple Avenue 00:05:48

Request by Jean Gram for a 1.53’ front yard step setback variation to permit the retention of front steps.

Case 2021-Z-52 822 Chestnut Avenue 00:15:53

Request by Gerald Callaghan and Carol Wells for a 5.0’ side yard generator setback variation and a 4.23 decibel sound variation to permit the installation of an emergency standby generator.

Case 2021-Z-50 611 Forest Avenue 00:52:29

Request by Jessica and Peter Couri for a 2.94’ side yard setback variation for a one-story addition and a 1.35’ front yard porch setback variation and a 3.35’ front porch step setback variation to permit the construction of a new front porch.

Approval of the October 6, 2021 Meeting Minutes. 01:41:23

Adjournment 01:41:49

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