Park Board Meeting 10/18/21


Call to Order 00:00:00

Layout meeting agenda and welcome to Lindsay Anderson

Approval of the Consent Agenda 00:02:45

Approval of all items on consent which includes Minutes from meetings held - COW August 23rd, Regular Meeting September 18th and COW September 27th.

Communications and Correspondence 00:03:42

Lakefront Committee - Lakeview Center Intro 00:04:24

Introduction by the Executive Director of the history of the Lakeview Center.

Public Comment - Not Lakeview related 00:08:22

Public Comment on issues not related to the Lakeview Center project.

Public Comment - Lakeview Center Project 00:11:47

Comments from the public concerning the proposed Lakeview Center Project

Board Member Lakeview Center Discussion/Vote 01:44:18

Park Commissioners Comment and Discussion of the Lakeview Center Project. Finishes with a vote for the Design Concept and Design Services proposal for the Center.


Lakefront Committee Report cont'd 02:52:17

Golf Committee Report 02:53:13

Parks & Recreation Committee 02:57:02

Centennial Committee 02:57:08

Financial Planning & Policy Committee 03:00:07

Real Estate Committee 03:02:51

Intergovernmental Cooperation Committee 03:03:06

Executive Director's Report 03:03:40

New Business - Strategic Planning 03:05:27

New Business - Resolution 21-R-5 03:08:28

A resolution approving a second amendment to the Intergovernmental Agreement between the Village of Wilmette and the Wilmette Park District.

New Business - IAPD Credentials Certificate 03:16:59

Adjourn to Closed Session 03:18:07

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